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With automated power, isolation from the mains, and emergency bed lowering.

Duomat 5

The new generation of twin drive motors:

Technical Characteristics. 

Fixing length:

581 mm

Power rating:


Casing design:

Lengthwise construction

Stroke length (standard):

87/69 mm (other on request)

Motor type:

24 volt DC (240/230/220/110 mains)


  • Includes low voltage circuits inside the handswitch for safe use and an integrated hinged hook on handset reverse for optional storage.

  • Socket for mains power isolation device for protection during transport is integrated into the motor casing.

  • Withdrawal of the motor drives in all positions.

  • Relay control for the return function is posible.

  • Mains power isolation from the motor is possible without the need for battery power or other maintenace.

  • Integrated emergency bed lowering is possible.

  • Infra-red remotecontrol is possible.

  • Timer switch operation is possible for shop or exhibition purposes.

  • Handsets cen be screen printed with customers logo.

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